Sub Information
Sub Information
This for all subs.  Thank you for your service. If I am out and not available, please follow the plan left for you.

General Music:  Check classrooms for class lists. For these classes if an alternate plan is not left, use the green and blue book titled "New Activites for Sub. Teachers".  You can choose any lesson they are scripted for primary, intermediate, and middle school students.  There are worksheets that go with the lessons that can be used.  There is also a CD provide with music. Some of these lessons I have used and are marked.  If you pick one that has not been used, you may have to make copies of the worksheets.  This can be done in the teacher workroom. Students can work in groups of 2 or individually on the worksheets. When they complete them have them put their names on the sheets collect them and the pencils they use.  Pencils other materials are on the desk or on a near by book case/table ect.

Any other question you might have the school secretaries can help.
Thank You again and good luck.

Mrs. Swim
General Music Instructor.