Classroom News
Classroom News
Welcome back to all the students at Desert Thunder School for the second quarter.  I would like to thank all of the students, staff and administrators for making me feel continuously welcome and at home at DT. I am enjoying working with the students at all of the grade levels. All of the students are working very hard while in music class. We have been working on many different projects and music activities at all the different grade levels.

During the 1st quarter of the school year students in grades 6-8 students will be reviewing music concepts and then applying them to the writing of their own music compositions.  Once written they will have the opportunity to perform them for their class. 
The younger grade levels 3-5th gr. worked on many different rhythm activities. They discovered ways that rhythms are created, performed and used in music.  The students had the opportunity to to create their own rhythms in small groups and then presented them to their classmates.  Students learned how they work, how they are used in music and created them and learned to identify them visually.

K-2 music students worked on discovering the steady beats in music.  They also learned about soft and loud sounds in music and well as the high and low sounds that music creates.  While learning these concepts they used a lot of movement motions with their bodies. The students also learned about singing and how singing happens. They learned many different songs about all kinds of subject and learned how to sing and perform them as a class.

During the 2nd quarter the students in 6-8th gr. will be working on a music projects.This project will consist of four sections. The students will split into small groups of 3 people or less.  TSW will research a musical artist and group.  They will research facts about the artist.  TSW will also research facts about the style of music their artist or group is.  They will promote the artist and or group.  The will also chose a song or several songs of their choice and write why that song is their favorite and explain why.  They can explain its importance and how it impacts their lives. Once facts are put together in a presentation form the students will present their findings to the class. Students can be as creative as they chose.

4-5th gr. students will begin working on the recorder instruments.  They will learn how the instrument works and how it can be related to other music instruments.  Students will use the rhythm work from last quarter as well as add other music concepts taught to them and build toward reading and performing and applying these items to the learning on the recorder instruments.

K-3rd grade will continue working on music concepts from last quarter they will continue to work on movement to steady beats, rhythm and note identification and working with small rhythm instruments.
These grade levels will also be learning and preparing music for a winter concert.  Dates, times and more details will be forthcoming.