Links for Learning

Here are some links that I find very valuable. Some are games for reinforcing skills. Others are sites that are good resources for the whole family.

I hope you find them useful! 


Link - description
On-line activities for all subjects.
Mr. Nussbaum
Games for all subjects including math, language arts, science and social studies

Math Activities
This website includes a long menu of topics for sixth grade math.
On this site, you'll find activities for addition subtraction, multiplication, division and much more.
Math Dictionary
Here, you can find a whole dictionary of math vocabulary words.
Math 5 Live
This site has a tv show style format that allows students to practice many different math skills.
Cool Math 4 Kids
An amusement park of math and more -- especially designed for kids and FUN!
Multiplication practice
Multiplication games and more.
IXL Math
There are activities for many different sixth grade math skills on this site.
Time Telling Activities
There are tons of different activities to practice telling time.
Slider Math