Weekly Lesson Plans
Weekly Lesson Plans are our lessons for the week.  The lesson plans show assignments, homework (HW), projects, tests, due dates, everything we will be doing in each subject on a daily basis.  The first day of each week I pass out a copy to each student and the class and I review it.  Students highlight homework assignments, tests, and special events that will take place that week.  The Weekly Lesson Plan sheet comes in handy when a student is absent and needs to know what missed work to make up.

Students are supposed to show the Weekly Lesson Plan to their parents that night and go over the highlighted items.  The weekly letter to parents is printed on the back but is a separate page on my website.
Please note, Lesson Plans are not 100% set but are as accurate as I can create them.  Once in a while emergencies or unknown events need to be added and will cause changes to our schedule.  
Weekly Lesson Plans are a spreadsheet created in Excel.  If you would like them emailed to you, let me know.