This is not a school rule, but a rule for our three classrooms.  Examples of toys include marbles, stuffed animals, toy cars, dolls, electronic toys, computer games, sports cards or T.V. character cards.  Toys can get lost, stolen or ruined.  They can also be a big distraction.  Your child may bring playground equipment such as a jump rope or ball.   Also, if your son or daughter would like to bring in something related to what we are studying (like an animal) or something education related (like a butterfly collection or special book), that’s fine.  Just check with us in advance (not so much on a book, but on anything which could be disruptive-like a pet frog) so we can plan for it.


We have a tricky bathroom problem at our school.  The bathrooms for our kids to use during class time are pretty far away, and it takes kids 5-10 mins. to go use the restroom.  To try and limit the need for kids to leave the room very much, we will try to take 1-2 group bathroom breaks during the day, as well as recess breaks.  But we NEVER want to deny a student the use of the restroom.  So we usually first ask the students if they think they can wait for a little bit-and if they still need to go, of course we let them.  Please let us know if you feel your child may need more bathroom breaks during the day, or if he/she has any special bathroom needs.