Summer Tips

At the start of the school year the Arizona heat is still in full force.  Below are some important summer tips to share/enforce with your children.


Before prolonged physical activity, children should be well-hydrated and should not feel thirsty.  Water or a sports drink should always available and they should drink every 20 minutes while exercising in the heat.  While water fountains are available, it is a great idea to send your child to school with his/her own water bottle (filled with water only).


Before going out in the sun for prolonged periods of time apply sunscreen.  Try to find a sunscreen with  UVA and UVB protection written on the label or the words “broad spectrum”. This simply means that the sunscreen provides protection for both kinds of rays.


A hat, sunglasses, and loose fitting, full length clothing can also help protect your kids from the harmful effects of the sun.