Mrs. Pham - Science

On the Road to Success! Students are expected to.....

Listen and follow direction the first time

Enter school prepared to learn with Responsibility card in hand

Approach school with a positive attitude

Respect yourself and others

Need to respect responsibility for choices

Student will be studying the Inquiry Process, History and Nature of Science, Science in Personal and Social Perspectives, Life Science, Earth and Space Science.  A more detailed view of the Arizona State Standards for 7th grade science can be found on the Arizona Department of Education’s website at

We will be using the online textbooks.  Students can log onto using their school account.

Classroom Discipline and Procedure

  • Please respect the teacher’s right to teach and the student’s right to learn.
  • Be prepared to learn by being on time and prepared for the lesson.
  • Cell phones and smart watches must be turned off and put away before students walk onto campus. Devices may not be turned on until they are off campus.
  • Students are require to check their phones into the homeroom technology cart at the start of the day when they check out their chromebooks/iPads. The cart is then locked for the entire day.
  • The first bell rings at 7:30 am.  School begins at 7:30 each morning and students are expected to be in class ready to learn at this time. If a student arrives after the tardy bell at 7:35, they will need to obtain a late pass from the office. 

  • All students arriving after 7:35 will be considered tardy and subject to the tardy policy.  Their academic success increases greatly when they are at school everyday and are on time!  Please make sure your child(ren) are on time to school each and every day

  • As soon as you come into the class,  you are to take a seat, put your RC on your desk, and follow teacher instructions.  The beginning of class should flow smoothly, as these procedures will be followed everyday. Watch for  *Attention Signal. 
  • No food(s) or slime are allowed in the classroom.
  • Clear water bottles are allowed (must place in the back table).

Mrs. Pham

Room E108