Create music with Sonic Pi

Looking for Sonic Pi?

Sonic Pi can be found by moving (not scrolling) your mouse to the bottom of the screen and clicking on the white, pink, and gray icon with three waves coming out of a Pi symbol. If you're still lost, click here for a picture.

Submit your code

Call me over so we can record, save, and submit your code when we click here

Tuesday and Thursday Sonic Pi Debugging

Sonic Pi Debugging

Learn even more!

Click here to learn how to write "Hot Cross Buns" in Sonic Pi.
Click here for free sheet music with note names written out.
Click here for many more project resources and examples.
Click here to learn how to write code for Sonic Pi.
Click here to learn even more about Ruby (the programming language used in Sonic Pi).

Click here for the Google Doc below.

Examples of what we've created with code: