Create apps with Swift

Swift playgrounds

If you would like to create to learn about the Swift programming language used to create apps, you can use our classroom set of iPads to explore Swift Playgrounds. Work at your own pace and let me know if you want to switch over to creating actual apps.

Basic app options

Click here to learn how to create some basic apps.

Advanced app options

Click here to learn how to download the project resources and get started.

Looking for Xcode?

Xcode can be found by moving (not scrolling) your mouse to the bottom of the screen and clicking on the blue icon with the hammer. If you're still lost, click here for a picture.

Submit your code

Call me over so we can save, compress, and submit your code when we click here

Tuesday and Thursday Swift Debugging

Because Swift debugging is already built into the app playground guides, continue to work on your app as debugging will show up in each of the guides you work on.

Learn even more!

Click here to download an iBook on app development with Swift.
Click here to learn more about Swift by reading Apple's Swift Programming Language Guide.

Click here for the Google Doc below.

Some of the apps we've created: