Uniform Policy

Dress Code

All students in kindergarten through eighth grade who attend the District schools are expected to dress in the proper standard school attire.  It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure compliance with the dress code.

All students will wear the standard school clothing.  The clothing may not be altered in a manner that includes, but is not limited to, slits and shredded hems.  The standard school clothing shall be:


Shirts:                                                               Pants:

Lay-Down Collar Polo style                            Pants / Shorts 

Solid white                                                       Solid navy blue

Solid light gray                                                 Solid tan

Solid hunter green                                            

Solid navy blue      

Solid pink   

Solid maroon

Solid light blue                             



Shirts:                                                           Pants:

Lay-Down Collar Polo Style:                       Pants / Shorts   

Solid Pink                                                     Skorts  /Skirts                 

Solid white                                                   Capris or Jumpers 

Solid light gray                                             Bib overalls 

Solid hunter green                                         Solid navy blue

Solid navy blue                              Solid tan         

Solid maroon

Solid light blue   



Boys and Girls school uniforms may not have:

Shirts:                                                            Pants:

No Logos or Labels                                       No logos, labels or outer pockets

                                                                      No blue jeans or blue-jean shorts

No jean like material 

                                                                      No cargo pants or sweat pants

                                                                      No stretchy type material

No "skinny jeans"

Additional items may be added to the standard school clothing during the school year as approved by the school board.

Additional Guidelines for Dress:

  • Outer wear is designed to be worn outside as the weather dictates.  It should be removed in the classroom. At the discretion of the teacher, if the classroom is cold, students may keep their outer wear on. Students may wear windbreakers, jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts as outer wear.  Jackets of different colors, patterns, and emblems are acceptable as long as they are appropriate and not gang related. Expensive jackets are discouraged, as the school is not liable for damaged, lost, or stolen outer wear. Outer wear may not be more than one size too large for the student.  Students may not wear flannels or headware.

  • Baggy or oversized clothing is not acceptable and this is prohibited.  Clothing may not be more than one size too large, to allow for one-year’s growth.  No sagging of clothing is allowed.  Pants must fit at the waist and not drag on the ground.  Shorts must not be shorter than the middle of the thigh nor longer than the bottom of the knee.  Skirts must not be shorter than the middle of the thigh.

  • Belts (if worn) must be navy blue, black or brown and may not be more than one size larger than the waist.   Belts must be worn at the waist and cannot hang below the waist. Belts and buckles must be plain with no designs or logos.

  • Shirts and blouses must be worn tucked in at all times.

  • No short shorts or short skirts are allowed.

  • No undergarments may show. T-shirts or turtlenecks worn under polo or blouse must be uniform shirt colors (solid white, gray, hunter green, navy blue).

  • For safety reasons, students are encouraged to wear closed toed shoes.  Students are encouraged to wear appropriate shoes for physical education classes, such as tennis shoes.

  • Any clothing, buttons, jewelry, or other accessories that are oversized, display vulgar, lewd, obscene, or plainly offensive messages or images, or display images of weapons, drugs, violence, alcohol, sprays cans, reference to or identify gang affiliation, racial or ethnically offensive are strictly prohibited.

  • Students may not display the following: facial piercings, tattoos, costume or unnatural hair color, chains, spikes, or any other type of sharp jewelry.

Students not dressed in accordance with the District dress code may be offered use of standard school clothing for the day, or their parents will be contacted to bring correct clothing.  Students who repeatedly fail to dress in accordance with this dress code may be subject to disciplinary actions as set forth in the District policy manual. Students who refuse to dress in accordance with the dress code may be assigned to another school outside the District, in accordance with the administrative placement procedures set forth in the District policy manual.

No student shall be subject to discipline for failure to comply with this dress code if the reason is economic hardship.  Under such extreme circumstances, the school will work with families to locate provide assistance for the student to be furnished with standard school clothing. 

New students who enter District schools will have one week to purchase standard school clothing.  During this time period, the schools may donate the use of one uniform set per child.

On occasion, the principal may allow a “free dress” day when students may wear clothing other than the standard school clothing.  This will be on special occasions only.  The students and parents will be notified prior to the “free dress” day.

Other Uniforms

Special shirts that are given as incentives or that are for school groups, such as chorus, student council, etc. may be worn at the approval of the building principal.

Uniform Donations

Donations can always be made to the Nurse's Office.  We greatly appreciate the support of our families to provide uniforms for new students and those families that need some assistance.