Links for Learning

Here are some links that I find very valuable. Some are games for reinforcing skills. Others are sites that are good resources for the whole family.

I hope you find them useful! 


Link - description
On-line activities for all subjects.
Mr. Nussbaum
Games for all subjects including math, language arts, science and social studies
Head of the Class
This site has lessons and activities for grades preK-2. Some of it is good review for third graders as well.
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6 Trait Writing
This is an online writing lab to help students use the 6 traits of writing.
Language Arts Activities
Link - description
This site has many reading activities, especially for reading levels below third grade.
Giggle Poetry
Hundreds of poems of all kinds.
Treasures Reading Program
This site has supplemental activities for the stories and activities we do for Reading in class each week.
Dolch List
This is the list of sight words that students are expected to know by the end of third grade.
6 Traits of Writing
Online Writing Lab
What is 6 Trait Writing?
Describes each of the six traits and provides a rubric for each
Math Activities
Link - description
This website goes along with the text book we use in class.
This website includes a long menu of topics for third grade math.
On this site, you'll find activities for addition subtraction, multiplication, division and much more.
Math Dictionary
Here, you can find a whole dictionary of math vocabulary words.
Math 5 Live
This site has a tv show style format that allows students to practice many different math skills.
Cool Math 4 Kids
An amusement park of math and more -- especially designed for kids and FUN!
Multiplication practice
Multiplication games and more.
IXL Math
There are activities for many different third grade math skills on this site.
Time Telling Activities
There are tons of different activities to practice telling time.
Slider Math
Link - description
Science News For Kids
This has all sorts of science information and activities for kids.
Cool Science for Curious Kids
This is a science web site for kids from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
The USDA’s science for kids site.
Social Studies
Link - description
Online Maps
Find a map for any project.
National Geographic for Kids
National Geographic for Kids
My America Field Trip
Find places all over the United States to see
Fun Social Studies
Links to lessons and activities on many topics
Social Studies for Kids
Information on a variety of social studies topics for kids
Wikipedia- Civil War
Research information on the American Civil War on this site. It also has pictures, maps and links to more information.
Civil War
This site was created by students in Sleepy Hollow, NY to teach other kids about the Civil War.
Constitution for Kids
This site has lots of resources for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and more. Thanks to Jane for sharing it. :o)
Civil War from Mr. Nussbaum
This is a page from Mr. Nussbaum that gives a map and information about the Civil War.
Ben's Guide to Government for Kids
This site has information on the United States government including the branches of government, the constitutiopn and other important documents. It's all kid friendly and very informational.
Scholastic Book Club
Link - description
Scholastic Book Club Ordering
Use this link to look at and/or order from our monthly Scholastic Book Club. Username: MrsDobbins Password: DesertStar