Discipline Policies

We have a Behavior Accountability Chart to involve each child in the responsibility for his/her own actions.  The stop sign is a visual reminder of what is expected of each classroom member’s behavior, and how well each child is meeting those standards.  Since young children are still learning how to inhibit unacceptable behavior, this visual reminder is a gentle, but clearly established system for the child to monitor and correct his/her behavior.  The system is the same for all students and inherently fair.  Consequences develop predictably and can be avoided by a conscience effort.  The goal: a safe, consistent classroom environment, which allows learning to occur for all students.


Each day every student starts with his or her clip on the green sign.  This indicates good behavior.  If he/she breaks a class rule, then the student must move their clip to the next color on the sign. Each color of the stop sign indicates a consequence:

         Green                  great choice!

         Yellow                  warning

         Red                  loss of recess/note to parents in their agenda

Additional infractions result in a conference with the principal and/or parents.  A student may go from green directly to red when causing physical harm to self or others resulting in a referral.