Your child will bring home a homework packet every Monday evening. The spelling list for the quarter as well as the phonetic skill of the week, and any needed worksheets will be included. Since each family has circumstances or special events that come up during the week, your child has the entire week to complete the packet, but it is recommended that the schedule be followed that is on the front of the packet. The natural consequence of failing to complete homework will be to sit out at recess to finish.

Your child can expect 10 – 12 minutes of “pencil/paper” homework each day (Monday through Thursday) for first graders and 15 - 20 minutes each day. An additional 20 minutes should be spent reading EVERY DAY. In addition, Spelling words should be practiced and Math flash cards should be reviewed. Writing is also an important part of your child’s curriculum. You will see amazing growth in his/her abilities to brainstorm ideas, organize and sequence events, and transfer the verbal story on to paper. A writing paper and prompt along with writing spelling words in weekly sentences will be a key factor in each week’s homework packet.